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"Really good. Really informative and, well written! Very easy reading - and applicable to today. "

Lorraine R., 62


"Ryan, I had a very good time reading your report. For someone who personally experienced bad times throughout the 80's and 90's hyperinflation in my country, your article makes a lot of sense. The knowledge about the hidden agendas can really save lives! Thank you for the report, my friend."

Carlos M., 58
Civil and Corporate Attorney - BRAZIL

"Ryan's report is an amazing entry about the true infrastructure of the modern financial system. He explains things in a way that opens your eyes to how money works, how banks utilize our debt, and what we can do to empower ourselves to take charge of our financial literacy. A must read for anyone who wants to begin understanding money!"

Aaron A., 28
Online Marketer - CANADA

"Thank you, Ryan! I just finished reading your reports, "The Truth About Money" and, "Inflation". Both reports were to me eye-openers, written in a way that's easy to understand, supported by verifiable sources. In the way we humans are more and more interconnected, what happens in one country is usually happening the same way abroad. Once one grasps the fact that central banks are actually in command and governments do just follow their "advice" the awakening for we the people starts by questioning oneself about the logic in all that. Looking forward to read your next report!"

Giovanni B., 56
Interior Designer - BELGIUM


"Inflation is a word that the majority of people truly don't understand. And just like one of the world's foremost Monetary Historians, Mike Maloney, Ryan is able to "lift the fog" to help people see and understand the pitfalls of paper currency and a fiat and debt-based Monetary System. Ryan has leveraged his expertise as an Insurance Professional to becoming a great Champion in helping the average person SEE THE TRUTH!!."

Fred M., 62
VIP Affiliate Marketer - USA

"Very thought provoking. Makes you aware and present of how things have changed. Sure do miss those $5 combos!"

Jeffery H., 40
IT Analyst - CANADA

"I commend Ryan on a well written, thought out, mind provoking and, insightful report. [He has] a very easy and humorous way of conveying what at times is a very dry topic. In reading [this], it inspired me to want to learn more. Awesome report!"

Lorraine F., 58
Wellness Holistic Practitioner - COSTA RICA

"Many of us shy away from the topic of money and how it works. We convince ourselves that all we need to do is earn it and the rest will take care of itself. Wrong. Knowing about the commodity that we’ll spend our entire working lives to amass is critical to our survival and it’s fantastic that Ryan took the time to compose a thoughtful yet brief summary about this topic. I suggest that everyone read it carefully, think about it and ask questions. Ryan has the answers."

Andre R., 40
Bookkeeper/Entrepreneur - CANADA


"Thank you for illuminating the three hidden agendas in this report! In doing so, you have made a compelling argument to rethink savings and assets in order to "navigate the fog." What I specifically loved about your report was your call to greater consciousness in buying and saving. On the buying side, understanding whether you're really getting more for your money is key and on the saving side, diversifying and investing in assets with returns greater than inflation is key. Thank you for making this easy and enjoyable to read and understand, Ryan!"

Kirsty S., 53
Associate Dean, Teaching & Undergraduate Studies - CANADA


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