Let’s begin where it counts most: I am a family man. I am a son. I am a brother to 5 siblings. I am also a husband, happily married to my best friend from highschool and finally my greatest accomplishment, I am a father of 5 AMAZING children.


For most of my childhood I was raised by a single mother. I grew up watching my mom dedicate herself to her job for 20+ years. Shortly after her 64th birthday, one year before her retirement, the company went bankrupt leaving her with nothing. I realized in that moment that I wanted independence and control of my life. It hasn’t always been easy but, I’ve been fortunate to have lived that life, not missing any of my children’s engagements or important events.


Now, it certainly did not start out that way.


During the course of my professional career, I’ve experienced my share of timely successes and failures. I have had lots of opportunities but for many years I’ve been what you might call an "unemployable dream seeker", I always wanted more and I never liked the idea of being under the thumb of another person. Working hard came easy but being unappreciated seemed to be the theme with many jobs I held. For years I searched for a better way looking for what would work for me and as a result I ran and operated several small businesses, yet still I did not feel fulfilled.


Ultimately, I decided to embark on a professional services career in the financial services industry as a licensed personal insurance advisor specializing in income protection for the blue and grey collar self-employed market. It was great however, after a little more than a decade, the industry began to weigh heavy on me as my young family grew. I began to realize that although I had time flexibility, I didn't have the time freedom I was truly looking for, often out late in meetings many weekday nights and weekends. My pursuits were riddled with what I perceived at the time to be losses; I was behind on my bills and behind on my promises. At a moment of quiet desperation, I moved my family into my friends one bedroom unfinished basement apartment. I was exhausted and I was embarrassed. 


If you’re sick and tired of the rat race, the lack of freedom and independence in your life or, you’re simply an "unemployable dream seeker" (like me)...I’ve been there and I know EXACTLY how you feel!


Looking for a way to have more time freedom in my life I considered the idea of working from home. This meant treading unchartered waters and it was frightening to say the least however, the decision has proven to be very rewarding.


Today my ambition is to connect with others who are committed to their own personal growth, and development on the road to freedom and independence. In the end, smart work done hard always pays off and I’d love to share with you the things I have done in my life that have successfully worked for me that just may work for you as well.


Let's connect! Send me a message.